Su Sardu, Emmen


🌏 Marktplein 90, 7811 BA Emmen, Emmen Municipality The Netherlands (Sehen Karte)

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Dinner, Lunch

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Vegetarian Friendly
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👆 Mobile ⏳ 27-11-2018


Fine place. Great pasta. Great starters. Pizza, calzone, pasta. But don’t expect spaghetti and meatballs. The dishes are better than that. Good wines. Great service. You’d swear you were in a real Italian restaurant. Enjoy!!
👆 Web ⏳ 07-12-2016

Authentic Italian food

I visited this lovely restaurant with an Italian colleague while in Emmen on business and he was so enthusiastic about it that we returned 3 times.The pasta was freshly made and delicious and the pizza thin, crispy and equally good. I also had a very good fish dish. The owner and staff are extremely friendly.
Liisa W
👆 Mobile ⏳ 07-12-2016

Sardinian delights

A gem of a restaurant in central Emmen. Very friendly service and most delicious food - half full on a Tuesday evening. Grazie!
Andrew R
👆 Mobile ⏳ 23-08-2016

Enjoyed the atmosphere and the food

We turned up as a party of 19 (8 adults and 11 children aged between 3-16) with no reservations after a day at the local wild life park (zoo). We were made to feel welcome by the staff and found a group of tables. Service was quick, with drinks being ordered and delivered very quickly. Although we were brought menus when we arrived there was no pressure to order quickly and the attitude of the staff was relaxed but attentive, (if that’s not a contradiction). When our orders were taken, the staff were happy to help with questions about the dishes and offer advice on them. With 19 people of all ages we tried a range of items from the menu and everyone was happy with the food they were served; my pork in pepper sauce and pasta was excellent and my partner’s ricotta and spinach ravioli also went down very well. My parents said their dish was as good as any food they had had on their visits to Italy. The food was obviously freshly prepared with good quality ingredients by people who clearly take pride in what was being sent out of the kitchen and it was all served hot. The story was the same with desserts everyone that had one was very happy with it. Portion sizes were generous and when we asked for an adult dessert to be shared by our two young daughters, rather than being delivered as one serving with two spoons (as would happen in most places in the UK) the dessert was split between them on two plates much to their delight. For me, the difference between a good experience and a poor experience is the staff. On this occasion I can’t say enough good things about the people serving us . They helped us with the menu, they put up with interrogation by our kids and at no point did we feel pressured to hurry up even though we were occupying 5 tables even as the restaurant filled up. The only (constructive) criticism I have is that one of our group asked for their child’s pizza to be delivered before theirs (he was sat on a different table to them) and they were told this was not possible as the orders were done per table. It was only a single pizza and I feel this was a bit inflexible and meant he got his food after most of the kids on his table had finished. After discussion with the people involved they didn’t feel this was enough to warrant a lower score. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone and if we visit Emmen again we will definitely be back!
👆 Web ⏳ 28-04-2015

italian kitchen

It was very late hours, restaurant was open and they ready to service. We ate italian vegetarian pizza, it was delicious (may be we were very hungry, lol)

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