Sri Kamadchi Ampal Tempel


🌏 Siegenbeckstr. 4-5, 59071 Hamm, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany (Sehen Karte)

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⏳ 07-2019

Like in India or Sri Lanka

We were there for a celebration and it was very croweded but nice as it felt like in India or Sri Lanka...
⏳ 04-2013

Spellbound and Must visit for Authentic Hindu culture and architecture....

Iam a regular temple goer in India and didnt miss that at all in US too. Once here I decided to drive 500 kms to visit this temple. Truth be told we were keeping our expectation low.
But we were mightily surprised....The pictures or videos don’t do justice to this heavenly place. This is clearly in top league of temple in terms of architecture and management. Its a huge temple and If you familiar with Tamil temples and traditions you feel right at home. We went there a day early for 7pm Aarti (Deeparadhana) and we were right back for next day for early morning pooja. The polite priest and staff are real treat and ask for price for a pooja and answer always was as per your wish......Then they invited us for a lunch at priests house..... Definitely worth a visit...
gunda b
⏳ 09-2012

Spellbound attraction for Indians in Germany and Europe

i was amazed when i saw this temple... we traveled over 450 km to see this .. it was worth every km we traveled to see this... the poojas are performed at three different times we went at 12.00 noon the pooja was followed by anna danam.. really surprised that the temple committee is following these rituals...
⏳ 08-2011

Serene holy place which showcases Hindu culture and tradition

I was longing to visit a temple in Germany esp in the NRW region. We were told by some friends about this temple and we decided to visit it ASAP.
The temple is situated on the outskirts of the city of Hamm but still has connectivity with the local transport. It is easy to locate with big enough sign boards on the road side too.
The interiors of the temple look exactly like the temples in south India / srilanka. The priests too are dressed in traditional clothing which gives you an exact feeling of how it is in the typical Hindu temples.
Pooja is done at 8 am, 12 noon and again in the evening.. and on special occasions like the poornima (full moon day) and on hindu festivals, special pooja is done.

The cordial priests also informed us about the free lunch / prasadam which was served there. We dint have to go elsewhere for our lunch that day!

A wonderful place to visit.. by Hindus and others too..
PS: Local Germans are frequenters to this temple!!

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