Sra Bua, Berlin


⏰ 19:00 - 22:30

💵 €9 - €16

🌏 Behrenstrasse 72, 10117 Berlin Germany (Sehen Karte)

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Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

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Sra Bua - the name says it all: exotic, exceptional, Asian. Situated on the south side of the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, this gourmet concept has been developed by Kempinski to harmonise the wonderful array of Asian flavours. Experience pan-Asian cuisine with a European flair, heritage and a dual culture narrative.
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Philip L
👆 Mobile ⏳ 20-10-2019

Top fusion kitchen

In a Michelin star style, small exquisite portions follow each other. Sometimes the wait is a little long but it is worth it. The waiter was very friendly and had excellent knowledge of the food and spoke fluent English. Must do!
Jack D
👆 Web ⏳ 18-08-2019

Amazing culinary experience

During a short recent stay at the Adlon Kempinski, on our first ever visit to Berlin, we decided to dine at this restaurant. Sra Bua is one of the restaurants in the hotel but which actually can be accessed straight from the street. It is not a large restaurant, more a cosy, quiet, slightly darkened room with the kitchen in full view. The three chefs were very busy catering, with loving care, to some 18 guests the night we were there. The menu is ’very selective’ meaning very short on choice. Sra Bua advertises itself as serving a Japanese Chinese fusion food. While our expectation of Japanese and Chinese food, as we know it, was not what was served, what we got instead was a truly genuine attempt to present eclectic food which fuses the sensual and aesthetics of Japanese food with the improvisation of the experimental modern. In the case of Sra Bua the result’s were truly amazing. This is not a place where you go to ’eat your fill’. This is a place where you go to ’experiment and enjoy a fusion of flavours and flavour combinations with every mouthful’. The dishes are small more like what you find in a ’tasting menu’ which the dishes really are. A fact reflected in the prices being charged (€7-10 per dish). We savoured every mouthful and regretted not having ordered the full tasting menu. We decided to come back a few days later. In fact we promised the waiter we would for he was genuinely interested to hear our views on the food. Unfortunately when we did return a few days later, on the Sunday evening, this being our last night in Berlin, we were dissapointed to find out Sra Bua is not open on Sundays... We will definitely visit on our next stay in Berlin and savour the tasting menu. I can’t wait to be back in Sra Bua.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 04-08-2019

Early dinner

Very nice, simply very nice restaurant. Salmon was so delicious, medium baked with some sauce I could not define. Oh, and the salat was thai, special taste. Schrimps were a pre dish. I liked it. It was quite costly and don’t expect you will be full after two dishes. But since it is a Kempinski hotel, value for price was on that level. Simply excellent. Atmosphere was also nice. I would reccommend it, but only if you don’t mind spending some extra money so you can order some more dishes and feel full after. Otherwise highly recommendable! ????
Mark Z
👆 Web ⏳ 27-05-2019

Just incredible

An incredible experience Great food and great service. It is the Best place in Berlin for Asian food

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