Se7en Oceans - Hamburg


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🌏 Ballindamm 40 Europapassage 2. OG, 20095 Hamburg Germany (Sehen Karte)

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Lunch, Dinner, Late Night

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Vegetarian Friendly
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👆 Web ⏳ 28-08-2020

Elegant complexity of flavors

We booked ahead to inform the restaurant of dairy and gluten allergies. The management (thank you Guillaume) took great care to learn about us and provide well adjusted menu options. The menu comes as a chef’s menu with choices on the number of courses and a choice on the selection of main & starter-- which are naturally punctuated with interesting amuse-bouche. The goose liver accentuated with black cherry made a singing delight of sweet / savory juxtaposition. Belly of tuna tartar was brilliant. The chicken main dish outperformed in flavour against a very modest plating, while the fish dishes were convincing on all fronts. The deserts had a creative use of spice and impressed me too. The paired wines were all very enjoyable. The service was excellent without being overbearing. The restaurant has a great view over the lake, but ultimately it is a bit quiet and without much energy to it, so simply put-- they’ll provide great food and drink-- and you need to bring the party. A worthwhile culinary experience.
Guy D
👆 Mobile ⏳ 11-10-2019

Unique dishes with great view

We ate in the Michelin Star Restaurant. The dishes are unique and tasteful. Service is good. Leave plenty of time to sit back and relax between servings.
👆 Web ⏳ 16-08-2019

Simply excellent

Excellent food, great view and friendly waiter staff. Located in the very heart of Hamburg, it is undoubtedly one of the best places for lunch & dinner.
👆 Web ⏳ 06-05-2019

No fuss, no hassle - just purely good ingredients put together in an original and edgy way.

Located in the city center of Hamburg, right at the Elbe river, you can find gastronomic restaurant SE7EN OCEANS. A first great impression is realized through the amazing view over the crowd of people shopping in the street and walking the big bridge below, as well as the view over the calming river stretched as in a panorama. From a distance, you can also fully see Hamburg’s famous Heinrich Hertz Tower. We liked the way the restaurant tried to get most out of this beautiful view by putting most tables possible right at the (open) window. The breeze coming inside reinforced the effect of the enjoyable view. The restaurant itself had a modern look – white tablecloths, a dark floor and dark walls. The only color came from the fierce red flowers standing on each table. In general, we are huge fans of blanco interiors, because the colors of food and wine always come out even better that way. It seemed that also, no distraction may arise from any sound, for the music was turned off in total. We would have liked a nice complying tune in the background, though. Our fine dining lunch started with a glass of Champagne and some small bites to tickle our appetite, such as olives with blood orange, kroepoek of North Sea crab with goat cheese, codfish-brandade with yuzu and chamomile and beef jerky. On the side, some crisp bread with nut butter and caviar was put on the table. The bites were served in various stages and all on a bended old school album plate. A bite that stood out was the dried cucumber fish with soy jelly and parmesan-H2O (in other words: parmesan-water). The German apparently call this fish the ‘stinky fish’, because it is caught right from the river Elbe. Well, nothing stinky about this fish – the taste was formidable and also, the combination of the crispness of the fish and the softness of the parmesan was just perfect. Our first course immediately was an exciting one. We just love smoke coming out of food boxes, ok?! A teeny tiny fish burger consisting of a fried brioche with gently smoked eel, fresh sauerkraut, aioli and horseradish came out of the mysterious box. It did not take long for the little burger was gone again – it was just too good. Actually, at that moment we called it the best fish burger you could think of. The taste was exquisite. The wine served with it was a nice Riesling Blauschiefer from 2017 of German Weingut Monitor. The second course was a piece of blue fin tuna with some spices and variations of sorrel, turnip and apple. An overall smokey taste was incorporated in the dish, which gave it very deep flavors. A Grauer Burgunder SW from 2016 was poured with it, which wine also contained a hint of smoke. In that sense, the dish and the wine really enhanced each other. In-between the second and third dish, an extra course was served – and it was an interesting one. A small taco with marmelade and shredded beef head. We never had that before. We were quite surprised by the amount of meat ingredients and dishes on the menu. Because of the name SE7EN OCEANS, we had expected mainly fish. Iberio pig with pluma cooked over charcoal and cured pork cheek formed our main course. At the side, we found some carbonara, truffle and chickweed. A deeply tasteful Rioja wine from 2014 accompanied this course and managed to let the soft taste of the meat flourish. For dessert, we received a dish of woodruff, yoghurt, rhubarb, rice crackers with blossom and strawberry syrup. Therewith, a glass of Taittinger rosé Champagne was served in order to make the sweet, fruity taste sparkle in our mouth. This dessert managed to get our full attention because of the flawless presentation of it. The round glass plate on which the dessert was served made the appearance very chic and elegant. Overall, we found it a cheerful dish that makes you think about summer. Very pretty. And then, there was the bended album plate again to present the friandises: some pieces of marshmallow, fudge and chocolates. It was the end of a fine and original dining experience here at SE7EN OCEANS. For a restaurant that is not even live for one year yet, we found it quite an impressive one. No fuss, no hassle – just purely good ingredients put together in an original and edgy way. Oh, and did we already mention that the view is great?
👆 Mobile ⏳ 19-04-2019

Exceptional winepairings

Very good dishes at solid one star level. Several of the wine pairings were exceptional! From subtile vanilla to strict and terpentine-finished minerals after adding the dish. Absolutely worth a visit! Proces are low compared to Danish Michelin restaurants.

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