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Ort / In der Nähe Sankt Peter-Ordings Pfahlbauten

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Bild Sankt Peter-Ordings Pfahlbauten

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Horst S
⏳ 06-2019

most impressive!

The Pfahlbauten (stilt houses) along the beaches of St. Peter-Ording have a most amazing view towards the sea and inland: You can have drinks / food there an enjoy being above the water (in high tide).
⏳ 04-2019

The Iconic and re-energizing hot spots at the beach

The ’Pfahlbauten’ (stilt houses) are the iconic appearances at the beach of St. Peter-Ording. Each of them offer you a different experience when decide to go inside for refreshments or food, some of them provide you mid-level to almost fine dining offers in the evening. All of them though have in common to be friendly and the food you get to be a positive surprise, some of them have a really nice wine selection. The stilt houses also assist you as hiking milestones along the beach and once you’re up on their terrace, the views they offer is really outstanding. It’s just iconic.
⏳ 07-2018

A great spot to have a bite to eat or some drinks

The Pfahlbauten at SPO are a really nice spot to enjoy the view of the beach and the sea. Very relaxing

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