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Ort / In der Nähe Leuchtturm Norderney


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Bild Leuchtturm Norderney

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Christian D
⏳ 05-2017

Old and famous light house on the far end of Norderney

Old lighthouse, which is still in operation and a must see for every traveller. It is build from bricks and has been there forever.
⏳ 05-2017

Lots of steps - good cardiovascular exercise

We walked along the beach and then through the dunes to get to the lighthouse. It is beautifully restored and very safe with solid metal banisters. The view across the island, the airport, the German coastline and the neighboring islands is spectacular.
⏳ 06-2015

Best view of the island.

The tower was the first time I saw something that wasn’t spic and span clean on the island. There is some mold growing inside, but it is safe. The view is good, but as to be expected there is not a lot of room on top. There are hundreds of rabbits around. Make sure you show your Norderney card (they don’t ask) to get the discount.

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