Humberg Tower


🌏 Bremerhof, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany (Sehen Karte)

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Ort / In der Nähe Humberg Tower

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Bild Humberg Tower

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vk p
⏳ 12-2020

Worth the hike

Walk has may exposed roots and is an easy to intermediate hike since it does have some areas that are steep. It is about 1.5 miles from where you can easily park your car. There are many paths but the tower one is marked. The area the tower is in is very pretty and worth the hike. Picnic table in this area. The stairs are still open. We are told there are 162 steps but didn’t count them. One of the few towers that still are open to the inside during covid. We did this walk in December before the latest restrictions.
⏳ 06-2020

best view

After a nice walk straight from down town KL the Humberg Turm offers a great view, not just Kaiserslautern, even further.
Around the tower are a few nice places to rest & have a Picknick with friends. A place well worth the walk!
Laura H
⏳ 04-2020

Great hike & views!

One of my favorite hikes! Great parking at the bottom easily marked trails... cool and shaded on the way to the top. The view is worth the hike... the hike is easy to intermediate. You can also bike up. Once you’re at the top, you can climb the tower. There are numerous other trails to explore at the top as well!
debbie j
⏳ 11-2019

Family fun

Great hike and dog really enjoyed. Trails were marked for easy identify. Bremerhof was excellent great good & service.
⏳ 10-2019

Nice walk

A delightful walk in the woods with modest inclines and a well marked trail. Lovely view of KL spread out in front of you.
⏳ 08-2019

Amazing view

The hike over is lovely and the view is worth it. I’ve never had such a view over Kaiserslautern. Pretty cool!
⏳ 02-2019

Wow, so close to Ramstein

This was a fantastic short hike! We took our dog and before we knew it we were along in the forest.

Passed a few other groups, all very nice. Parked at Hotel Bremerhof (a worthy place to rest and eat) and took off on the trail. A modest up hike, perhaps 30 mintues and then you are at Humbergturm (the tower).

It was great! A few groups were smarter than us, they brought food and drink for a picnic. There are tables and an open field at the top, along with great views. A must do!
Gautam G
⏳ 05-2018

Hike or bike to the tower

One of my favorite places around Kaiserslautern for MTB or hiking tour. One can start the trip from the university area or Betzenberg and bike/walk all the way up to the tower. (Biking is only recommended for people used to Mountain biking). There is nice view of the city from the top of the tower. There are some place to sit and enjoy the view. On the way back, one may stop at bremerhof (a Biergarten at the bottom of the hill) for refreshments.
Biggles W
⏳ 11-2017

Historic, interesting and spooky

After hearing about the tower whilst staying in Kaiserslautern, i thought i should go see it. I used Waze to show me the tracks and give me an accurate location.

Would you believe it, the pathway from the road had a draw barrier that normally stops cars from going up there, and it was up... saying..."go up there!"

Only with Waze could i get the right paths because you cant see the right way in a car easy and google maps was not close.

But the road (at this time of year) being unsealed and littered with leaves and fallen fruits of autumn, was a bit tricky and at times worrying. But i made it.

Got to the top, plenty of place to park and only a few if any people!

There was one grey haired guy at the top who stood int he same place atop the tower for the entire time i was there, and when i got up there i was very cautious about walking around the ring to meet him. Now this guy was weird...but it did make for a spooky and scary ascent. Took some snaps and then went down again.

View is, as people here say, great, and worth the effort.

I did have to pull over and stop to let joggers, cyclists and dog walkers past (only fair...they deserve the room!). Only one waved to me, the rest snarled.

Well the drive down was slightly slippery and fortunately, it had not rained for a few days. Otherwise... no way you could do.

Took plenty of pics but no point posting them since the ones on the internet are good enough. If someone sees the same dude up there when they go, let me know so i can go to the Police and report the looney. I took his picture just incase he threw me off the top...they would find the evidence on my camera that way! Whew...what a relief!

Ok, enjoy this place.

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