Hotel An Der Havel


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

💵 €87 - €106

🌏 Albert-Buchmann-Str. 1, 16515 Oranienburg, Brandenburg Germany (Sehen Karte)

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Ort / In der Nähe Hotel An Der Havel


  • Non-smoking rooms

  • Family rooms

Gesprochene Sprache

English, French, Russian, German

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Über uns

We are a family run business hotel which lies close by the station and the city’s castle with its gorgeous garden.We try to to satisfy our guests the best way we can with a friendly service who has a smile on their faces than being perfect but having no fun with it’s job. That also includes that we don’t expect our guests to be perfect either.You’ll be welcome!!!
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⏳ 10-2019

Emergency stop and help

We had been on an extensive trip through Berlin, surrounding areas and to Polen to check my mothers place of birth. We had planned on returning to Berlin on 26 September 2019 for our return to the United states on 27 September. We returned a day early and had not secured a Hotel for that night. I had never thought that every Hotel in Berlin would be booked out....We drove between 19:30 and Midnight stopping at just about every Hotel, startind at the Tierheim Hotel in Friedrichshein every IBS Hotel, all the way through Zehlendarf (Autobahn) and than we continued on the Autobahn to the north, and drove through Oranienburg, by than the fog was pretty thick and we could not see to well, stopped and several Hotels...we also aquired a shadow who drove behind us for at least 20 minutes and made us very uneasy (we are in our 70’s) we also run low on gas, so we finally stopped at a gas station... there one very nice individuel told us to try the Hotel an the Havel, saying it was only a few minutes away...(it still took us 25 minutes) driving in circles. Anyway we rung the doorbell and the night porter opened and said he was also comletely booked out.....well he took pity on us and ask us to come in and that he would call around.....after trying almost an hour he said everything was completely booked ... well we thanked him for his help and turned to leave....he wanted to know whatt we planned to do....we didn’t know...he than invited us in and said, he had a lounge that had not been used and if we wanted, we could stay there...well we accepted...and than we really where surprised...the gentleman took the time to find pillows and blankets and sheets and a rollaway, all that to make us comfortable, he wanted to know when we wanted to get up.... and than told us he would have someone wake us up......We got up the next morning and had a wonderfull breakfast and everyone working at that time was so wonderful....Who knows what might have happened had we not found the helpful Mr. Meissner and the awesome morning crew at that Hotel... So we can only recomannd that Hotel to everyone who is looking for a great place near Berlin Rosemarie and Herman, Las Vegas NV USA
Sam E
⏳ 12-2018

Great stay

Wonderfully relaxed and kind staff and a lovely hotel, which we badly needed as we were visiting sachsenhausen and unveiling a memorial to a relation that died there. The hotel felt like we were staying at home nd all the staff were helpful and kind.
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