Historisches Rathaus Münster


⏰ 10:00 - 16:00

🌏 Prinzipalmarkt 10, 48143 Muenster, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany (Sehen Karte)

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Ort / In der Nähe Historisches Rathaus Münster


This 12th-century building is where the Westphalian Peace Treaty was ratified.
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Bild Historisches Rathaus Münster

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⏳ 11-2021

A must in town

The building is spectacular and the visit of the room where the Westfallia Peace Treaty was negotiated both wonderful and extremely interesting. The comment is made directly in the room through an audio system. The whole thing takes 20 minutes but is absolutely worth the stop.
⏳ 07-2020

Amazing for history enthusiasts!

When you’re in the city, you easily spot the historical city hall, where you can visit the peace hall, for just 1,50€. Inside you can listen to the history of this room, and have a close look at the wooden panels.

It’s nice, especially for lovers of history. For everyone else, there’s not that much to see.
Richard M
⏳ 09-2019


Yes a truly historic hall, TheThirty years War is overlooked outside of Germany, but once you step inside and pick up a guide book you learn how this hall became the focal point to end war. Well worth visiting. Good pubs right close by afterwards as well.
⏳ 06-2019

Great architecture

Not uncommon for Germany to have fantastic facades on their buildings and this is no exception. Great to see
Vlad V
⏳ 06-2019

Beautiful building

Even though the building was rebuilt, you can visit it and see the peace hall, where there are some great artifacts and also paintings of the people that signed the peace treaty between Spain and the Netherlands. A place full of history and which needs to be visited.
⏳ 12-2018

Lovely city

We visited the town of Munster early in the morning on Christmas Day. While the streets were empty when we arrived, as we delved deeper into the town, more and more townspeople entered the streets. Very charming town with beautiful buildings everywhere.

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