Havana Bar Erlangen


🌏 Engelstr. 17, 91054 Erlangen, Bavaria Germany (Sehen Karte)

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Havana Bar received many awards and is widley known as a cocktail instution. The finest drinks in the style of the golden 20s and 30s. Modern cuisine-cocktails, many Mojitos and strong Tiki-drinks. The largest Gin-Tonic selection of the city. The finest whiskeys, exquisite Rums and a changing selection of Craft Beer. Cozy vintage atmosphere with attention to detail. Cool electro swing sounds and fast, attentive service.
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⏳ 09-2021


I have never written a review before but the blatant racism I endured at this establishment calls for me to do so. After standing in line like, every other patron, the host ( a tall man with blonde hair) proceeded to ignore me and usher not one but two couples in before me. When I asked a waitress passing for assistance she stated that she does not know what is going on and that, ’she is just a waitress.’ I requested to talk to the manager, the waitress replied that he is not in. I then asked for the second in command. It was the tall blonde man from before. I asked him what the policy was at this establishment and why he overlooked me. He said the couples had made reservations, which was a blatant lie because I overheard them stating otherwise. I confronted him about this and asked him whether he had bothered to ask me if I had made one too? He became defensive, I told him his behaviour was unacceptable and left .

Shame on you Havana bar.
⏳ 04-2017

Best choice for cocktails in Erlangen

For me personally the best cocktail bar in Erlangen. Very good quality, nice atmosphere and kind service. Always a pleasure having drinks here. . .
Kim D
⏳ 10-2015

best cocktails I’ve ever had

Very nice atmosphere and friendly people. Generally I don’t like cocktails so much because often they are not well balanced, but here it was just perfect. Next time we’re visting Erlangen, we’re definitely coming again to Havana bar!

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