Hasenhorn Coaster Todtnau


⏰ 09:30 - 16:30

🌏 Lindenstrasse, 79674 Todtnau, Baden-Württemberg Germany (Sehen Karte)

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⏳ 09-2020

Just awesome!

An almost 3km (!) long coaster going down from the top of a mountain. Going up the mointain with a chairlift, going down with the coaster. Just an awesome experience. If you’re not a daredevil; you can use the breaks all the times, which is actually not necessary at all.
Tom V
⏳ 08-2020

Spectacular - if you are prepared to wait

The most spectacular summer toboggan ride in Germany. Affordable prices. Waiting times can be very long though.
⏳ 08-2020

Unfriendly, unsafe and do not keep promises

We went there with our 3 kids (age 10, 8, 8) as the Black Forest Card booklet promised a free ride. Once you get there it says ’only before 11am’. There’s nothing in the booklet about that restriction! After talking to a very stressed and unfriendly employee we paid the full price. It was our first ride. My son (10) being a bit nervous, didn’t get on the track quick enough apparently and the extremely rude employee just shouted at him ’are you waiting until Christmas or what’. My wife and my daughter were next. They were not sure how much time to leave in between my son and herself and when she asked, the employee just looked at her in an angry way but did neither say a thing nor take action. When it was my turn, for safety reasons I kept some space between me and my wife on the track but again the only thing he could say is "are you waiting until Christmas or what". It it clear they just want as many people on the track as possible. They don’t care about your experience (as you have a full track) and safety is totally unimportant to them. Apart from that no one seems to like the job they’re doing, this clearly only is a cash cow to them. If you want to have fun, meet helpful people if it is your first ride and want to have a save ride, don’t go there.
⏳ 07-2019

10 minute ride for 10 euros

Absolutely worth it! For 10 euro’s you can buy a ticket for the chairlift up and the Rodelbahn down. The ride up offers a nice view over Todtnau, the black forrest and the coaster which is waiting for you.

The coaster and cart are firmly built and very safe with seatbelts and automatic breaks when you get to close to the slower one ahead of you. Strava told me that the coaster was 2,8km long and it was a 10 minute ride which includes a photo section.

When you visit in the morning shortly after opening you have a short waiting line. In the afternoon the waiting lines are much longer, up to 45 minutes. Still totally worth it!
Mark F
⏳ 10-2019

Be VERY Careful - They Close This Whenever They Feel Like It

We have been here before as a family and the coaster is excellent. We went back a few days ago and even though it was advertised as open they decided to shut it at 2pm apparently due to lack of customers.... there were several families disappointed at the same time.
There is clearly no way you can guarantee this place will be open regardless of what it says on their website, so be VERY careful.
We will never go back, it’s a long drive only to find out they can’t be bothered opening it.
Nikolay O
⏳ 09-2019

Very nice

Good attraction. You can go up by funicular, and return by waggon or funicular. There is small restaurant on top of mountain and amazing view. Little bit problem to come with very small children, because of funicular is open and have no belts...

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