Hanmi, Hamburg


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🌏 Kleine Seilerstr. 1, 20359 Hamburg Germany (Sehen Karte)

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👆 Mobile ⏳ 16-11-2019

Always good

I have been to this restaurant quite often. Also when they still had another location. They offer really good Korean food like I know it from my trips to the country. My favorite is the Korean BBQ which is always a nice, relaxing dinning with a group of friends. As starters the kimchi pancake and the mandus are a most try. This time I finally tried their Korean ice which was so much I had to share it with a friend but pretty good as well.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 05-11-2019

Love this place

Never tried Korean food before and with this being close to my hotel it was very convenient. To be fair, now I’ve tried the food I think if I was based the other side of Hamburg I’d still eat here. The place gets busy so I’d advise you book in advance. Food is amazing as is the service. The menu is all in Korean and German but the staff help you out. Really tasty food and plenty of it.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 04-10-2019

Evening meal

Due to working in our large facilities in Hamburg I booked a hotel that was in the city but not to far to the airport. Little did I know it was near the famous reeperbahn. Opposite the parkhaus I noticed the Hanmi Korean restaurant that looked full of life with people enjoying their evening. I checked in at the holiday inn Express and headed over to see what the restaurant was like. I was met by the front of house who found a table easily. I must add a foursome were ahead who had to wait so book in advance if yr time restricted (its worth it). It’s my first korean food restaurant so reading the menu in german and Korean was nearly impossible apart from knowing meat fish veg vegan drinks etc. The prices looked really reasonable as browsed the menu. The waitress came over and recognised my broken German so quickly switched to English explaining all the menu then just asking what my favourite things to eat. I suggested sea food so she selected a mixed seafood menu which came with 6 side dishes. I chose korean beer lager she recommended it was good with the dish and said korean wine was not so good with the dish she had selected. Beer arrived quickly followed by an amazing array of seafood stir fried in a garlic tomatoes onions spiced with mussels shrimps squid and other shell fish. It was really great looking and actually enough for two. I got rice and assorted pickled dishes spicy and textured to mix together with the main course. Absolutely delicious hot and spicy but cucumber or salad to cool . I asked for a Korean schnaps and a kind waiter said he would choose a special one it tasted of ginseng. All fir 27euros... Perfect food great atmosphere friendly excellent professional staff highly recommended alone or with a group or with a partner. Highly recommended don’t miss it.... But Reeperbahn sober was like Blackpool with an extreme Soho thrown in...odd especially when families were walking around. I am sure if I had been under the influence I would have felt the atmosphere. Lots of theatre goers mixed in..
👆 Mobile ⏳ 28-05-2019

Amazing service; excellent food

Our dinner was superb! Our four grilled entrees were tasty and “easy” for novices with Korean food. The divine service supported four Americans in having a great, fun evening in Hamburg just steps from our hotel. The ice dessert texture surprised us and provided a grand finale to our 2.5 hour dinner in a busy Hamburg eatery. Reservations would add to a stress-free evening.
👆 Web ⏳ 19-02-2019

Absolutely great !

Hanmi is an excellent restaurant to taste all of the Korean specialities. Nothing to complain about, I highly recommended it !

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