Fleisch- und Tanzhaus


🌏 Marktplatz 9, 91541, Rothenburg, Bavaria Germany (Sehen Karte)

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Ort / In der Nähe Fleisch- und Tanzhaus

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Bild Fleisch- und Tanzhaus

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⏳ 09-2021

Both buildings are beautiful

Located at the bottom of Market Square just next to Marien-Apatheke and behind St. George’s fountain. Even among the huge variety of beautiful and cozy half-timbered buildings in the city, these two stand out for their grace, brightness and originality. They also have an unusual history. One of those is considered the most beautiful house of the Rothenburg aristocracy and the most-prestigious address in town (ancient Beverly Hills) and it’s ringed by big homes with big carriage gates. The second is the building of the meat shop and dance hall (Fleisch- undTanzhaus). It was built on the foundations of the old town hall, which burned down in the 13th century. In the old days, the vaulted rooms on the top floor were a place for dancing and celebrations, while butchers sold their wares down below. Now there is an art gallery on the ground floor. Both buildings are beautiful and have a great historical importance for the city.
⏳ 10-2019

great photo spot

Night time from the square shooting here is awesome, really interesting look at night and no people around.
⏳ 05-2019

Beautiful building

Rothenburg is a beautiful place, no matter where you are, but somwhow this place stands out, beautifully designed, very colorful, the view is just breathtaking
Barry L
⏳ 10-2018

Old Bavaria

The old Bavarian Architecture is so stunning. It’s like a trip back in time to an earlier era. The town square is surrounded with beautiful buildings.
Solodam J
⏳ 04-2018

Every One Has It

No doubt that this house and the Marien-Aphoteke are the most photographed houses in Rothenburg. They are an eye-catcher on the town square. You can’t miss them.

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