Burg Hohenecken


🌏 Burgstrasse, 67653 Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany (Sehen Karte)

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Ort / In der Nähe Burg Hohenecken

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Bild Burg Hohenecken

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⏳ 07-2020

it is a nice ruin to visit

Driving here is not complicated but you will have to park on the street so get acquainted with the parking rules of the town.

The walk up is a small uphill hike but a very short one, it may get u a little tired, but it is worth it.

While on the small hike there will be some cool sites to take pics as well as some plates talking about the history of the castle. but it is in German so download that google translator.

The castle is in ruins but it is very pretty and amazing views are all over.

This is a very instagram able/ tik tokable.... place.

It is mostly ruins but if you like to see historical places this will not disappoint.
Laura H
⏳ 05-2020

Great hike!

This is a great hike-it can either be easy to intermediate or difficult depending on your preference. At the bottom there is great food at a local restaurant. The views of the area from the castle ruins is great! They are well preserved!
Stanley S
⏳ 02-2020

very evocative and no wonder Kaiserslaughtern is proud of it

When I visited, I met some researchers who told me I’d wandered into a part of it that wasn’t open to the general public yet, and they said this very courteously. I returned to the general public area and the ability to photograph the place was still excellent. I recommend it.
⏳ 10-2019

Great place for a lunch

NIce Hike. Interesting interpretive signage. And there’s a little restaurant up there with a beautiful view of the valley
⏳ 04-2019


Really not much to see, but the walk is nice. Burgschank restaurant at the base of the hill has really good food from the locality.
Phil D
⏳ 07-2019

Nice hike and well preserved

Finding the train entrance took a little while - ended up finding parking near the center of town and following signs but even then it was not clear but found what looked promising and it was heading up so gave it a shot and found the castle at the top. I am only giving this 3 stars because it was just not clear what was original and what was added on later or restored. Still it was a nice hike (take your own water) and a nice view.
Stephanie S
⏳ 08-2018


We hiked up and the kids loved it! Very beautiful ruins. Great views!! Found a playground behind the ruins about 10 mins away.

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