🌏 Am Augustinerplatz, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg Germany (Sehen Karte)

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⏳ 04-2017

Great with the sunny day we had

A lot of people sitting direct in the sun. Unfortunately not so many places to drink something like people are. Even they are several bars. Who cares: Be flexible and sit where ever you want. Organize a drink or bring it with you :-)
Brian G
⏳ 09-2016

Average town plaza at best

Maybe we missed something but this wasn’t really worth the walk. Just a hilly plaza that made it less "square" than a normal plaza and there really wasn’t much to do or people watch. Maybe it is more exciting at night, but I would say skip it during the day unless you are going to the Museum there.
⏳ 03-2016

Pleasant place in old town

A pleasant area within the old town, with part of an old wall and close to the Augustiner museum, when we were there (march 16) there were hoardings at one side for archeological work. Passing through at night time it is really just a place to walk, no great nightlife on the square but very close to some good bars and restaurants. In daytime, people milling around in a happy kind of way...
⏳ 12-2014

Nice platz

Recoommended to go on good weather as when we went it was soo windy and cold that we couldn’t enjoy the place enough :)

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